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Project yourself into the guru peer group

Adjust your prices to project yourself into the guru peer group and become a scarce resource Claripics #156 @reckhenrich @JamieAndersonBE @martinkupp

Timing is important:

Timing is important: Tap into highly topical subjects, link your big ideas to issues of the moment Claripics #155 @reckhenrich @JamieAndersonBE @martinkupp

Look for the ‘powerbrokers’

Look for the ‘powerbrokers’ in your world and form affiliation – get your big ideas talked about in the most influential business publications and blogs Claripics #152 @reckhenrich @JamieAndersonBE @martinkupp

Nobody can spin a bad product into a good one

It is how you behave, not what you claim Nobody can spin a bad product into a good one Robert Phillips @citizenrobert

Slow down

Slow down don’t waste time on the wrong part of the problem

A MAP not a MENU

We are looking for a MAP not a MENU

Looking beyond

Looking beyond only satisfying the current constituency

Politics are the same everywhere

Politics are the same everywhere we need strong structures as watchdogs Elias Masilela @elias_masilela

Lean towards sustainability

Lean towards sustainability and efficiency Elias Masilela @elias_masilela

Never quantity first

Never quantity first quality second Elias Masilela @elias_masilela