Category: Sprint

Five is the magic number

Five is the magic number after just five people 85% of problems are seen

A glimp into the future

Prototyping with target users gives a glimp into the future

Structure discussions and do it well

Structure discussions and do it well Evaluate solutions all at once Criticise all at once Make decisions all at once

Never blindly copy

Build on existing ideas Repurpose with vision Remix and improve But never blindly copy

Always Be Capturing

ABC Always Be Capturing

Abstract ideas lack concrete detail

Sketch ideas abstract ideas lack concrete detail and are easily undervalued or overvalued

A complex challenge needs a simple map

A complex challenge needs a simple map

More like movies than snapshots

Products and services are more like movies than snapshots use a storyboard

Similar problems in different environments

The best solutions come from similar problems in different environments

Open ended, optimistic “how might we” phrases

Open ended, optimistic “how might we” phrases force us to look at opportunities and challenges

I need one target customer and one target event

To prototype I need one target customer and one target event (moment on the map)

Make time visible

Make time visible people like to have tight schedules

Assumptions and obsticles lurking beneath

Rephrase dangerous assumptions and possible obsticles lurking beneath into curious, trackable questions

Slow down

Slow down don’t waste time on the wrong part of the problem

Fragmentation hurts productivity

Fragmentation hurts productivity Create long uninterupted device free blocks of time to do meaningful work on big problems

Troublemakers see problems different

Troublemakers see problems different than everybody else – include them Jerks argue for the sake of arguing – exclude them

The decider

The decider should be in the room

Where product and service meet the customer

Learn from the surface that’s where product and service meet the customer

The bigger the challenge

The bigger the challenge the better the sprint