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Art Thinking:

Art Thinking: the linking of creativity and entrepreneurship in the creative world to business Claripics #150 @reckhenrich @JamieAndersonBE @martinkupp

Join the dots in new and compelling ways

Join the dots of different academic disciplines and existing research in new and compelling ways, rather than staying in a narrowly defined field Claripics #148 @reckhenrich @JamieAndersonBE @martinkupp

Groundbreaking digital technology

Bitcoin is a groundbreaking digital technology with the potential to radically change the way we conduct banking and commerce, and bring billions of people from emerging markets into a modern, integrated, digitized, global economy Claripics…

A glimp into the future

Prototyping with target users gives a glimp into the future

Never blindly copy

Build on existing ideas Repurpose with vision Remix and improve But never blindly copy

Abstract ideas lack concrete detail

Sketch ideas abstract ideas lack concrete detail and are easily undervalued or overvalued

Similar problems in different environments

The best solutions come from similar problems in different environments

Open ended, optimistic “how might we” phrases

Open ended, optimistic “how might we” phrases force us to look at opportunities and challenges

I need one target customer and one target event

To prototype I need one target customer and one target event (moment on the map)

The bigger the challenge

The bigger the challenge the better the sprint

What lines?

Lines? What lines?

Let go of the status quo

Let go of the status quo

New ideas are born

New ideas are born somewhere between the Generous Self and the Creative Self

Make your own

Following rules are boring make your own

Look to the future

STOP and look to the future

MAD as an entrepreneur

You have to be a little MAD to be an entrepreneur


Innovate product, service, process or model Richard Straub @rstraub46

I think for a living

I am a knowledge worker I think for a living Richard Straub @rstraub46

The WEB connects minds

The WEB connects minds Richard Straub @rstraub46

Intelligent failure

Innovation is allowing for intelligent failure Richard Straub @rstraub46

Innovative spaces are forests

Innovative spaces are forests not plantations