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Don’t be afraid to say that you are the next Michelangelo

Projection is important: don’t be afraid to say that you are the next Michelangelo – just make sure that you have something new and different to say Claripics #153 @reckhenrich @JamieAndersonBE @martinkupp

The “rockband” approach:

The “rockband” approach: position yourself not as individual gurus, but people with a connected vision Claripics #151 @reckhenrich @JamieAndersonBE @martinkupp

Trust is a outcome not a message

Trust is a outcome not a message It is built through action, not words Robert Phillips @citizenrobert

Stand naked before the crowd

Stand naked before the crowd Demonstrate vulnerability and engender trust Robert Phillips @citizenrobert

Interviews enlighten

Interviews enlighten we see through the customer’s eyes, reveiling what we can’t see on our own

Assumptions and obsticles lurking beneath

Rephrase dangerous assumptions and possible obsticles lurking beneath into curious, trackable questions

See it from your side

Let me try and see it from your side

Being civil in our discord

Being civil in our discord is the art of conversation