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Five is the magic number

Five is the magic number after just five people 85% of problems are seen

Structure discussions and do it well

Structure discussions and do it well Evaluate solutions all at once Criticise all at once Make decisions all at once

Always Be Capturing

ABC Always Be Capturing

A complex challenge needs a simple map

A complex challenge needs a simple map

Make time visible

Make time visible people like to have tight schedules

Fragmentation hurts productivity

Fragmentation hurts productivity Create long uninterupted device free blocks of time to do meaningful work on big problems

BLOATED with info

BLOATED with info

Passing through life

Passing through life

How we are trained

How we are trained influence how we function Elias Masilela @elias_masilela

Acquiring and remembering

Learning is acquiring and remembering – Richard Straub @rstraub46

Worth listening to

Every story is worth listening to

Growing up in the same family

You could grow up in the same family and have different stories