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Similarities between gurus and high-end contemporary artists

The similarities between gurus and high-end contemporary artists – price and scarcity Claripics #154 @reckhenrich @JamieAndersonBE @martinkupp

An idea which is perceived to be new

A guru must come with an idea which is perceived to be new and different Claripics #149 @reckhenrich @JamieAndersonBE @martinkupp

Leadership projection

Leadership projection is the ability to project your work onto the global stage and differentiate yourself from other creative hopefuls Claripics #147 @reckhenrich @JamieAndersonBE @martinkupp

Crowds should inform decisions

Crowds should inform decisions but not make them Robert Phillips @citizenrobert

Authority is a rented space

NOW Authority is a rented space Transparency is the default position Activism is everywhere Behaviour and values is the framework Action demonstrate leadership Reputation management is broken Robert…

Public leaders embrace the crowd

Public leaders embrace the crowd and are accountable to them RPhillips @citizenrobert

To blow the whistle

To blow the whistle is an act of leadership Robert Phillips @citizenrobert

Troublemakers see problems different

Troublemakers see problems different than everybody else – include them Jerks argue for the sake of arguing – exclude them

The decider

The decider should be in the room

Eliminate “ahscrewits”

Eliminate “ahscrewits” – @derekhalpern

Let go of the status quo

Let go of the status quo

Leaders speak to the shifting culture

Leaders know how to speak to the shifting culture and not only in their own familiar, embedded and safe language

Find the skills

Find the skills people already possess

It always seems impossible

It always seems impossible until it is done Nelson Mandela

Use the helicopter view

Entrepreneurs know when to use the helicopter view

Manage your manager

Learn to manage your manager – Elias Masilela @elias_masilela

Implement a policy

Nobody can implement a policy not understood Elias Masilela @elias_masilela

Getting out of the way

Leadership by getting out of the way

Well defined empowerment

Autonomy comes through well defined empowerment Richard Straub @rstraub46

An attitude of CITIZENSHIP

We need to get an attitude of CITIZENSHIP

We have different stories

We have different stories but we will sink together